When to Call 911

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An emergency is defined as any critical situation that needs immediate help or assistance from the police, ambulance or department of fire. During an emergency, most of the individuals call 911 from their wired or wireless phone in order to get much needed help. Here are some of the scenarios in which you can dial 911 to get immediate assistance:

An Emergency Help

  • During a major fire you realize that it has becomes too difficult for you to control the flames.
  • A criminal activity, especially when in progress, so that you can report the matter fast, before it is too late.
  • A medical emergency when someone is struggling for their life, like being unconscious, experiencing an allergic reaction, uncontrolled bleeding, chest pain, or other symptoms that require immediate medical attention.
  • A car crash site, where someone is injured

If you are unable to judge whether the situation is a truly an emergency, the operator, who answers your call, will determine whether you need help. When a 911 agent answers your call, you must be prepared to answer questions from the responder’s end that may include:

911 Emergencies

  • The phone number you are calling from along with nature of your emergency
  • The address or landmark information
  • The nature of emergency such as “it’s a fire, car crash, or you require immediate medical assistance
  • Detailed information of the emergency, such as a brief description of a person who suffers injuries or a physical description of a person who committed violent crime, or detailed information about a fire.

Sometime it is not feasible to dial 911 in an emergency, in that situation a personal safety app on your Smartphone plays a vital role. OnGuardHelp app is an emergency app that has dedicated “911” button, with just a single touch it activates the call to 911. In addition, including “911”, this app also has “OnGuard Talk” or “OnGuard Silent” through which a user has an option to send an alert to a crisis management agent without uttering a single word as a silent alarm. For more information about this app, click here

Personal safety apps offer you services where you can send an emergency text message accompanied with details of current location based on real time GPS. Therefore, instead of relying on the option of 911, it is better to download one of these apps on your Smartphone to more effectively and quickly get help, when seconds count.

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