OnGuardHelp App – An App to Ensure Personal Safety of Students

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported that an estimated 20-25% of college age Women across the USA were either raped or sexually assaulted during the time they were in college. In addition, a disturbing fact is that most of the victims of sexual assault are familiar with the perpetrators in over 85%...

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When It Comes To Personal Safety, these US Cities are Tops in Dangerous Living

Most Dangerous US Cities Fighting against crime is a top priority in every nation and United States is definitely not the exception, unfortunately there are states and cities that are struggling with higher rates of crime. The reasons may differ from lack of police funding, armed...
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Don’t Be a Bystander; Saving Someone from Crisis Is a Humbling Experience

Everyone has experienced it once in the lifetime. We are silently sitting in our office, walking the neighborhood, playing at the swings or walking in the park when suddenly it happens: an assault, or purse snatching, a mugging or stalking. In just a few moments, the whole scenario could change and we feel helpless or...
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