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Whether it is walking across campus late night or staying out late, everyone is concerned about his or her safety. The threat is not only on the streets of city but also on the college campuses. Going off to college should be a lot of fun, especially when you spent your whole life at home. However, college campuses are also prone to major threats like robbery, physical violence, rape, and other crimes. This does not mean you have to stop enjoying your life either on or off the campus; you just need to be ready and prepared to face adverse situations in smart ways. Here are few sensible safety tips for college students:

  • Report the matter to concerned authorities if anyone is behaving suspiciously
    If you are concerned about your personal safety on campus, you should never ignore any suspicious or criminal activity. It is better to report these matters to concerned authorities before it’s too late.
  • Do not walk around in an inebriated state
    Never drink alone and never drink with people you don’t know. Most importantly, always drink responsibly and never become too intoxicated. Many woman are raped when they become intoxicated


  • Download and install personal safety apps
    You should download and install a personal safety app that is available for free on Android as well as iOS platform. These apps come with one touch features that send an alert to a crisis management agent whenever the user of these apps finds themselves in distress. This proves to be an important tool in the life of a student as Smartphones are the devices that are with them at all times, whether it is a day or a night. With these apps, the safety of students is now on their fingertips! Download one now and stay safe.

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