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In a world full of predators, we all have to be alert and cautions at all times. Our safety is in our hands, based on how we plan. Just as we are not sure of our future, we can never be sure of our safety.

There are some precautions we should keep in mind while travelling, whether we are alone, or in a unfamiliar location. 

  • First, we must always be vigilant to avoid any unfavorable situation. Being naive can often lead us into trouble so staying alert and being mindful of your surroundings is critical.

  • While coming or going to any place, we must choose the safest route, so we can avoid potential threats of an vulnerable area.

  • Make sure your phone is charged at all times so that you can respond to any potential threats.

  • Car pooling or travelling in a group always works as a great idea. If two people are going to the same destination, it is best to travel together, than go alone. This will not only save fuel but also provide company for your safety.

  • Women going out alone are potentially soft targets. Therefore, they must use caution when they are confronted with someone they do not know, who may offer help. Sometimes an offer of help could be your worst nightmare.

  • When traveling alone, it is wise to keep sufficient funds with you so you don’t have to go to an ATM late at night, exposing yourself to robbery or assault.

Smartphones can be of great help to rescue people from many emergencies. One such innovation is OnGuardHelp, an emergency contact app that allows users to contact their family and friends, as well as Law Enforcement. The integrated GPS tracker sends the location information of the user to get immediate help at such times. This app gives it’s user, peace of mind. It will soon be available for download at Google Play or the APPstore.

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