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Gaining admission at college, which is not located in your hometown, can be a lot of fun, particularly when you have lived in your home town all your life. As a student, especially if you are a female, there are a number of dangers you will have to come to terms with when you leave home.

Here are few personal safety tips for college students that are important to consider that will ensure optimum safety inside or outside the college campus:

  • Report the matter to concerned authorities if you observe someone behaving suspiciously: If you are concerned about your own safety or safety of your colleagues and witness some suspicious activities on campus, then you should immediately report this matter to concerned authorities instead of ignoring it.
  • Carry a rape alarm : Always carry a rape alarm with you, which creates a loud piercing noise when activated. Sometimes a loud noise from the rape alarm will frighten off the potential attacker and its piercing sound will alert a passerby.
  • Lock your doors and windows all the time: Shut the doors and windows if you want to leave your dorm for some time or to make use of the bathroom. Make a habit to shut the doors and windows when you leave your room, even for few minutes.
  • Never hand over your contact details to strangers: Young people in many cases, are more trusting than they should be. Therefore, whenever you meet a stranger for the first time, especially when you nothing about them, you should not be tempted to provide them your personal information.



  • Download and Install Personal Safety Apps: You can download and install any personal safety app on your Android or iOS based Smartphone or tablet. These kinds of apps are free to download and have nominal subscription charges for their services, which is next to nothing when protecting your precious life.

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