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"You're never alone, with your personal bodyguard ---OnGuardHelp, your emergency safety APP"

OnGuardHelp has recently introduced self-defense products under their Personal Safety Systems (PSS) program. Now, after tapping on the screen of the Smartphone for help, a person in distress can defend himself/herself by using one of their products such as Pepper Spray or a Multi-Purpose Stun Gun, staving off attack, until help arrives. OnGuardHelp has introduced a package that offers mace/pepper sprays, or a multipurpose stun gun, as well as tiny ear splitting alarms and other items related to self-defense.

OnGuardHelp + Personal Safety Systems (PSS)

The main objective behind introducing these products is to provide an effective tool to a person trapped in a dire physical threat. What this means is that after tapping on the personal safety app, the user can take effective measures to counter the threat by using these self-defense based products. Whether you are walking across campus late at night, living alone, or walking in a deserted parking area, you will be more prepared for your safety when you are equipped with these self-defense products and the OnGuardHelp app.

In any life-threatening situation, you will first tap the “OnGuard Silent” button, then you can disperse the pepper spray into the eyes of an attacker in order to escape to a safer place. On tapping OnGuard Silent button, a call will alert a crisis management agent with your information such as your full name, medical history and any other relevant information which is displayed on the agent’s screen. In addition, the app also uses GPS to locate your current location when you are in crisis

OnGuardHelp app is available free to download from Google Play as well as on Apple’s iTunes. After successfully downloading the app on your Smartphone, you will automatically subscribe to our free Bronze plan. For the best protection, upgrade to our Silver or Gold plans that cost just pennies per day, safe guarding your precious life.

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