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"You're never alone, with your personal bodyguard ---OnGuardHelp, your emergency safety APP"

You can hide but you cannot avoid the crisis” – a Chinese proverb.

Any one of us can be faced with a life-threatening incident like a tire on your car blowing out on an empty road, or someone tries to rob you, or a thug is stalking you. However, when it comes to women being harassed or threatened, the problem is REAL and increasingly common.

Woman’s safety has become an international issue every second of the day, woman are assaulted, harassed and injured. Even, kidnapping cases have increased over the last few years. Therefore, security becomes the prior concern for everyone and to support this concern, we developed this app. With OnGuardHelp, you install your most important contact safety information so when you are alone or vulnerable, you just tap the app to alert loved ones, campus police, your best friend and anyone else that you want to respond to your emergency, while allowing them to know your exact location through GPS technology.

Overview: OnGuardHelp is a personal security system that can save your life from potential or real danger with just a tap. This app is extremely helpful as a security device with a feature laden, user-friendly interface. With a single tap, this app can connect you with law enforcement and other first responders to safeguard your life. OnGuardHelp is a venture of Guardian Help Inc. that designed this app with an objective to provide immediate rescue assistance in a crisis, emergency or calamity. Have your own personal bodyguard in your pocket, rather being helpless in this kind of situation.

The specifications of this app are as follows:

  • Version: 1
  • App size: 3.81 MB
  • Compatible Devices: iPhone 4, 4s, 5, iPad 2, 3 and Smart phones and Tablets
  • Operating system: All iOS and Android versions
  • Available on: Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store

This app contains the following five main features:

  • Contact- 1: Single-tap Call/SMS notification to alert the pre-fed contact
  • Contact- 11: Single-tap Call/SMS notification to alert the pre-fed contact
  • 911: Single-tap Call to connect with the nearest 911 emergency department
  • On Guard Talk: Single-tap Call to the OnGuardHelp Crisis Monitoring Rep to seek help
  • On Guard Silent: Single-tap Silent Call to the OnGuardHelp Crisis Monitoring Rep for life threatening events

You can install it free from the corresponding stores as per your smart phone’s configuration. You can use the Contact 1 service, as many times as you want for free, but if you want to use other features, you need to subscribe to our other premium services that give you the best value, we have premium subscription packages available for 14 – 37 cents a day. Your safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.

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