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Fire Prevention Week Fire Prevention week is organized every year from Sunday to Saturday during the week of October 9th by the American Red Cross, with an aim to educate people to take effective measures to protect their homes and loved ones. According to surveys conducted by the National Fire Prevention Association, approximately two Americans die every six hours because of a fire. That means an average of eight fire related deaths per day or 240 in a month. In the year 2012, the approximate cost of $12,427,000,000 in damages was reported because of major fire outbreaks. This number only includes the fire incidents that were reported but do not include figures that goes unreported every year.

Therefore, it becomes vital to educate people about fire safety and prevention methods. Here are some important tips that help to prevent any major fire breakdown:

Install smoke alarms in your home and offices.
You can install smoke alarms in every level of your home and offices. These alarms detect smoke from the fire at its initial stage.

Buy fire extinguishers and place them in fire prone areas.
Fire extinguishers are most important and should be placed in all fire prone areas in order to respond to a fire. This helps to avoid the loss of life and property.

Throw away the waste material that catches fire
Keep your home clean and throw away or recycle unnecessary newspaper or other useless material that catches the fire easily.

Download Personal Safety apps on your Smartphone
There are personal safety apps that help users to get aid with just a single tap on the screen of their Smartphone. One such app is OnGuardHelp with five dedicated icons having different functions to tackle with every type of crisis in a smart way. The app also features a “911” emergency icon that enable users to alert emergency services in just a single tap.

Be calm and keep your mind alert
In case of fire incident, you should stay calm, keep your mind clear and move towards the safest exit as soon as possible and inform the first responders like the fire department so they can respond and extinguish the fire.

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