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"You're never alone, with your personal bodyguard ---OnGuardHelp, your emergency safety APP"

Become an OnGuardHelp® Affiliate or Partner and earn monthly residual commissions

Five Great Reasons to Become an Affiliate or Partner


  • Earn monthly residual commissions for all Premium Plan Subscribers.

    Affiliates and Partners can join our team and help spread the word about OnGuardHelp®, and will be rewarded for their efforts as well. Our system tracks active customers and pays Affiliates for every direct subscriber they enroll in our Premium Silver and Gold Plans. A Commission is also paid to the Affiliate for 2nd and 3rd generation affiliate’s premium plan subscribers.

  • A Partner is paid for every direct premium plan subscriber enrolled under their Partner code number; and by the subscriber entering an associated Coupon Code have the commission payment paid to a 501c(3) not for profit charity if they desire to do so. This is an outstanding CHARITABLE FUND RAISING opportunity for your special cause. (see Partner Agreement)

  • Most Comprehensive App = More Money.

    OnGuardHelp® is the most complete Mobile Emergency APP on the Market today. There is really nothing like it ANYWHERE! Available at just 16 cents per day for the Silver Plan and 43 cents per day for the Gold Plan makes OnGuardHelp® the most comprehensive and affordable Personal Safety System APP found anywhere in the market today.

  • Attractive Sales Incentives

    The more active paid subscribers an Affiliate has enrolled under their Affiliate Code, the more Commissions they will earn, and this is a monthly commission structure paid three (3) Affiliate levels deep, so in a short time those Commissions for monthly Subscribers really ADD UP!!!

  • Excellent Product

    OnGuardHelp® is created to arm every Smartphone/mobile device with the fastest, most efficient and reliable system to communicate with emergency services such as Fire, Medical & Police. We provide this service for 16-43 cents per day depending on the OnGuardHelp® plan downloaded on Subscriber’s  Smartphone device.

  • Dedicated Support Team

    Our dedicated Affiliate Management Team is available to assist you with any needs or requests you have. We will keep you posted with information on new markets and communities of potential subscribers that you can convert to OnGuardHelp® Subscribers. Your Commissions will be direct-deposited into your  bank account on a monthly basis with no waiting for “the check in the mail”.

How does it work?

We have streamlined our entire Affiliate process to ensure ease of use in the simplest of ways.

  • As an affiliate or Partner, you will reach out and tell prospects about the App’s features by using social media, corporate endorsement, or simply word of mouth, directing prospects to the website for additional Safety App information and registration.

  • Once Registered at our website, Subscribers can download OnGuardHelp‘s Safety APP at either Google Play® or APP Store® (APPLE™).

  • Your job is to simply make sure the new prospects understand that they must input Your Affiliate ID# or Partner ID# and/or Coupon Code as the referring affiliate, when asked for it during their website registration process. Encourage them to become Affiliates also.

  • As per the plan subscribed by each new customer, you will be paid monthly. Your commissions will be directly deposited into your bank account, once per month, every month for as long as your Subscriber remains active.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Who is a candidate for our APP?

    Virtually everyone that is concerned about her/his own personal safety and the people around them, and/or the security of their and other’s property.

  • Will you have to sell our APP?

    No, as an affiliate/partner you will not have to ‘Sell’ this app, you will instead ‘Show and Tell’ prospects about the App’s features by using social media, corporate endorsement, or word of mouth, directing prospects to the website, and even talking to communities that our Affiliate Management Team can direct you to. OnGuardHelp® will Sell Itself, you just need to tell people about it and direct them to our website; show them the App on your personal Smartphone and enjoy their response.

  • What are the various premium plans and Affiliate Commission Schedules?

Silver Plan: It is comprised of 3 buttons out of 5 emergency function buttons, known as Contact I, Contact II, and 911. This level of service is billed monthly at $4.99 or annually  at $59.88  The 1st Month is FREE! Your commission on a direct active Silver Subscriber is $1.50 per month as an Affiliate.

Gold Plan: It is comprised of all 5 emergency function buttons, including OnGuard® Talk and OnGuard® Silent. It is billed at $12.99 per month or annually  at $155.88 The 1st Month is FREE!   Your commission on a direct active Gold Subscriber is $3.00 per month as an Affiliate.

(NOTE: Partner Agreements are a separate commission schedule)

Example: *Please note this is an illustration and not a guarantee*

5000 Direct Paid Subscribers. (Second and Third level Affiliate subscribers can increase your income potential)

3000 are Gold @3 dollars = $9,000

2000 are Silver @1.50 dollar = $3,000

Total $12,000 for the month


“To apply as an Affiliate simply be an active Gold Plan subscriber. Demonstrating your personal Gold Plan APP will accurately represent the functionality of the APP to your prospective customer. This is the only direct cost that an OnGuardHelp® Affiliate may pay.”

Apply today as an Affiliate on our Website at the bottom of this page by opening the GUARDIAN HELP AFFILIATE APPLICATION PACKAGE.pdf file, completing the forms, and tapping the Submit Now Button at top of page.

Once you are approved and issued your Affiliate ID#, you can start making money immediately!

Need more info, email or call Van Anderson @ 828 202 5906 for a phone interview.


  • Complete the application package, then click submit.


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