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The most recent shooting near the California college campus claimed seven lives including the attacker. It shows that campus shootings are not a fad, it will continue because there will always be sick and twisted people among us. You might hear about these types of incidents in different stories across the world, but do you ever think that it could ever happen at your school or college campus.

Even the students studying in other Colleges and Universities across the USA never think it can happen to them either. Therefore, it is vital to be prepared in advance before it is too late.

Let us discuss what to do in case of campus shooting. Having a well-versed plan will reduce your panic level and reduce your chances of becoming a victim of this dreaded rampage.

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  • If the shooting occurs outside the campus
    If the gunman or gunmen start firing outside the campus, run immediately inside the college building if possible. This is no time to act as a hero as those things seems good in Hollywood movies, but in reality, it is clearly not advisable. It is safer for you to allow law enforcement to do their job in order to detain the attacker. Once you enter in the building lock the door inside. If it is possible, you can call 911 from your Smartphone or if you have a personal safety app installed on your Smartphone, then you can send an alert to crisis management agents with just a tap on the app and the attacker even will not know you have alerted the authorities.
  • If the shooting occurs inside the campus
    If the attacker is inside the college campus, you should take shelter in the safest room that should be securely barricaded or locked. You must turn off the lights and monitors so that the shooter thinks there is no one in the room. Maintain silence and stay away from the walls, doors and windows. You must turn your cell phones into silent mode. However, never turn off your Smartphones as they may prove a vital tool, through GPS tracking, which helps you deal with this crisis situation effectively.

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