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"You're never alone, with your personal bodyguard ---OnGuardHelp, your emergency safety APP"

OnGuardHelp - Emergency Contact App

OnGuardHelp – For your personal safety

  • One-click Instant Call & TEXT (SMS)
  • Alerts with Real Time GPS Location on Google Maps
  • Call 911 to Report an Emergency
  • Silent Alerts in Critical Situations
  • Contact Services for First Responders (Police, Fire or EMS)
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5 Buttons – 5 Alerts – 5 Ways to Bring you Home Safe

In situations like –

  • Being stalked on campus
  • Violent situations, guns, knives or physical threat
  • Fire Alert
  • Emergency Medical Alert (911 & OnGuard Monitoring)
  • Personal crisis
  • Roadside assistance
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Five Emergency Calling Buttons - TAP for Help
Add Emergency Contacts

How it Works – Contact I & II

Under  “settings”, enter up to 8 names and numbers in the blank spaces below Contact – I and II. Then TAP save.

On the app screen when you TAP on Contact-I or Contact-II button, a small pop-up box will allow you to make a call or send an SMS (TEXT) to the #1 defaulted contact in your list. To choose one of the additional 7 contacts, DEPRESS the button and tap the contact name to make the call.

SMS (TEXT). With Silver or Gold Plan, if enabled and receiver’s SmartPhone is capable, sender’s SMS (Text) and Real Time GPS location on Google Maps can be displayed. A ‘GOOD’ or stronger signal strength is required for best accuracy.

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How it Works – 911 Dispatch

This emergency function button will contact 911 Dispatch in the area where the SUBSCRIBER is located. Simply DEPRESS the button for 2 sec. to activate the call.

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Call 911 Emergency
How OnGuard Talk Helps

How it Works – OnGuard Talk

When the OnGuard Talk button is DEPRESSED for 3 sec., your call will be answered by our Crisis Monitoring Center that is available 24/7. Upon connection, subscriber’s real time GPS location and the personal information provided, is displayed on the Agent’s computer screen.

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How OnGuard Silent Works

How it Works – OnGuard Silent

OnGuard Silent can be used in a critical threat situation when the SUBSCRIBER does not want to be seen calling for help. When OnGuard Silent is DEPRESSED for 3 sec./activated, the Crisis Monitoring Agent receives the silent alarm and will immediately direct Law Enforcement to the Subscriber’s Real Time GPS location.

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OnGuardHelp with GPS Tracking Feature
Real Time GPS tracking. “When Seconds Count…” ™

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