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In this era of technology, here are some quick tips that can keep you safe so you can enjoy your campus life without fear or apprehension.

Always walk in a group:
Do not put yourself in a situation when you are walking alone at night, especially if you are a female. Always walk in a group or accompanied with your most trusted friends to avoid sexual assaults that are common on college campuses.

What goes online should stay online:
Cybercrime is on the rise over the last decade with the introduction of various social media platforms resulting in issues like identity theft. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your private information private and do not put them on the social networking sites. Never share credit card or other vital information via email, chat or on various social media platforms.

Being Followed:
If you feel that someone is following you, rather becoming alarmed, you should walk confidently toward your destination and alert emergency services through your smartphone app.

Do not let strangers in:
If someone shows up at your door, do not let them enter your apartment. If they are there to meet their friends, make them wait outside until your friends recognize them, as you never know whom you are letting into your building. So it is better to play it safe than to regret your actions later.

Students Safety with OnGuardHelp

Download and Install OnGuardHelp app on your Smartphones
For reporting any suspicious incident, you can use OnGuardHelp app, which is a personal safety app that allow its users to send an alert to campus police, family, friends or crisis management services in just a single tap. Moreover, even in a situation where it is literally impossible to utter a single word, you can still get immediate help with an OnGuard Silent button that sends an alert to crisis management agent and representative can easily track your location based on real time GPS and dispatch law enforcement to your location.

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