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"You're never alone, with your personal bodyguard ---OnGuardHelp, your emergency safety APP"

Everyone has experienced it once in the lifetime. We are silently sitting in our office, walking the neighborhood, playing at the swings or walking in the park when suddenly it happens: an assault, or purse snatching, a mugging or stalking. In just a few moments, the whole scenario could change and we feel helpless or afraid, watching the crime as “bystander”. Often, lack of awareness about how to respond in that kind of situation is the major cause of the social phenomenon known as “the bystander effect”.

The bystander effect is a term related to the behavior of people who witness a crime and are less likely to take action by standing in the crowd, watching the whole incident. The infamous case of Kitty Genovese who was a young woman murdered in 1964 in the streets of Queens, New York, whose cries for help was avoided by dozens of people. Or if consider the recent incident, a young woman of California who was gang raped in public, while witnesses stood by, back in 2009, no one doing anything.

Unfortunately these situations will probably become worse and someday you may find yourself in a threatening situation, or someone who needs your help, you must respond because you know you must not be a bystander. When you witness a bullying incident or a crime around your area, you can call and ask for the assistance by dialing 911.

Moreover, you can be even more effective by downloading a personal safety app on your Smartphone and recommending to others that they download one of these apps to tackle any type of emergency in a smarter way.

For all such reasons, the emergency alert app OnGuardHelp contributes to respond to problems related to the bystander effect. A user can, rather than act as a bystander, use the features of the app to call for help or notify law enforcement about the situation. Your active response can help someone in a crisis or even save their life. When you act responsibly, it will be a wonderful moment for you and for them.

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