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"You're never alone, with your personal bodyguard ---OnGuardHelp, your emergency safety APP"

Interested in additional information about Guardian Help and our OnGuardHelp® mobile personal emergency response system? Please contact us.

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Whether you want to compliment us on the benefits and features of our OnGuardHelp® mobile personal emergency system; have positive feedback as to how we can improve our product; or have experienced issues or challenges with our product; we want to hear from you.

If you have experienced a situation in which our product has saved your life or has helped you successfully through a threatening situation by providing immediate help from a first responder; we want to hear from you.

Our goal is to consistently improve our service by listening to our Subscribers and staying ahead of the ever-changing technological advancements in the personal emergency response system industry. Your feedback provides us with the best foundation to continue delivering consistent state-of-the-art service that you, our Subscribers, deserve.

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