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Campus Safety With OnGuardHelp

OnGuardHelp® App – Redefine Your Campus Security

Campus Safety With OnGuardHelp®

  • To Provide Safety of Students, Teachers & Staff Members
  • To Provide 24/7 Personal Security On & Off the Campus
  • To Provide Immediate Help in Times of Crisis or Emergency
  • Integrate Phone Numbers of Campus Police or Campus Administration to Receive Alerts
  • Provides Local Access to 911 Dispatch
  • Just One Tap by a Student, Staff or Faculty to Call or send an emergency Text Message Alert with GPS
  • Well trained Crisis Monitoring Agents will Help in an Emergency such as Fire, Auto Accidents, Assault, Theft, Medical, and more.

Always with you – OnGuardHelp®

From Roadside Assistance to Life Threatening Emergencies, Help is just a TAP AWAY

OnGuardHelp® for Campuses is built on a Robust Platform to help schools to implement better security solutions for students, teachers and staff. Allowing them to report an incident or send an emergency alert  through their smartphones with just a TAP. The OnGuardHelp® app is integrated with five key buttons  offering immediate help, when seconds count.

Guard Your Campus with OnGuardHelp®

  • Allows One-Tap Call to local 911 Dispatch
  • Identifies the Exact GPS Location of the User on Your Campus to Campus Police
  • User can customize their own contact numbers for Emergency Alerts
  • User can Connect with Crisis Monitoring Agent, 24/7, inside or outside the Campus through OnGuard Talk and OnGuard Silent

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