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"You're never alone, with your personal bodyguard ---OnGuardHelp, your emergency safety APP"

OnGuardHelp® – Your Nationwide Personal Bodyguard

OnGuardHelp® Personal Safety App – Available 24/7 to Help You

OnGuardHelp® was developed to provide safety to students, staff and faculty on college campuses. The app quickly connects Users with the Campus Police Department-whenever there is a crisis or an emergency to report.

OnGuardHelp®  This app uses GPS technology on your smartphone to provide 24/7 safety to students, wherever they are on or off campus.

Always with you – OnGuardHelp®

From Roadside Assistance to Critical Emergencies, Help is just a TAP AWAY

  • OnGuardHelp Campus Safety App
When Seconds Count…

OnGuardHelp® is your Personal Body Guard in Times of Crises

Scared at Night

OnGuardHelp® initiate immediate help to a female student, if she knows that someone is following her.

Save a Life

OnGuardHelp® initiate immediate help to student or staff, if they have an auto accident

Nationwide Safety

OnGuardHelp® helps keep out children protected while away from home

Report the Scene

OnGuardHelp® use GPS to locate the user with an accurate location

Personal Safety

OnGuardHelp® allows students to get immediate help inside or outside the college campus.

Need Medical Help

With OnGuardHelp® app, a student can seek medical help immediately by simply Tapping the OnGuard Talk button, our 24/7 professional monitoring agents are highly trained to help.

In Emergency, Just Tap the App

OnGuardHelp® alert a Contact person with an emergency call, or a text message that can send your GPS location to a SmartPh enabled to receive it.

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