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In this piece of blog post, we will continue to learn about different tips that can help female students to stay safe in or outside the college campus. For most of the female students, partying and college life moves together. However, it is also a proven fact that such parties and outings of young people may result in problems to someone. Additionally, females are more prone to be victimized or targeted in the wake of such events.

Thus, let us continue to know more tips on personal safety, expressly for those who love partying and at the same time, wants to play safe all the time.

Play Safe @ Party Time


When Party Gets Too Crazy, It Is Better To Leave Than Stay
These days college parties are getting crazier or you could say, beyond the limitations. Students are pushing the boundaries of safety due to their more undisciplined behavior. Therefore, if you feel that the party gets too wild and you are feeling uncomfortable, then it is better to leave before it is too late.

Drinks – Say No to a Stranger
This also includes not accepting food or drinks from person you do not know. Dates ending up using drugs and alcohol which could result in date rape. Make no mistake this kind of rape is a crime that is frequently spoken about these days. Remember “With Strangers there may be Dangers”. Therefore, follow this simple theory.

Drive – Say No to a Stranger
Females should not offer rides to strangers. This is a major reason many women go missing while on campus only to be found dead or badly injured later.

Trust your Instincts
Women have a sixth sense when it comes to alife-threatening situation. Therefore, many problems related to safety issues could be easily averted if a woman just listens to her instincts.

Equip with an Equipment
Many kinds of safety equipment that are available in stores, which is specially meant for women’s safety like pepper spray, tasers etc., should be kept handy for self-defense. Moreover, with the evolution of the internet and advancement in technology, there are personal safety mobile apps integrated with features and functionality to send SOS alerts to friends, family or law enforcement with just One Tap of button on your smart phone. For many females, a personal safety app is a smart way to tackle these kind of situations in or outside the college campus.

Watch out this video to know how a personal safety app can help you in an emergency!

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