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Your college days may be the best part of your life with some memorable experiences, or they might become a nightmare if you fail to protect or aide yourself in times of emergency, crisis or any other type of calamity that may arise without a warning. In a majority of instances, female students are more vulnerable to threats or become victims on college campuses as compared to male students. Thus, if you are someone attending a college or university program, it is imperative to be aware of your personal safety in or outside the campus, all the time.

To help you safeguard your own life as well as others, here are some vital tips especially for teenage girls and female students in order to stay safe while inside as well as outside the campus:

A Safety Buddy
Your “safety buddy” should be someone to whom you may contact or seek help, if you suddenly find yourself in trouble and feel that the situation is not under your control. In addition, you should establish some code words so that you can indirectly convey your message without letting your attackers know about it.

Inform Someone Trustworthy or Authority
If you are planning to visit some place all alone, you must share where you are going and when you will return, to your roommates, friends, guardians, campus security or any other authority. Knowing about your plans, current location or further travels would help others to locate you and send necessary help if required.

Do not Ride with a Drunk Driver
Putting your life in the hands of someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol is foolish and risky. Therefore, it is better not to travel in an auto with a person who is in an inebriated state. If you are the sober one, offer to drive to ensure the safety of you both.


Campus Safety Phones
Most of the college campuses are now equipped with emergency helpline numbers to deal with devastating situations. So that students, especially females, will keep these numbers handy as well as the location where these phones are installed in order to make calls in an emergency.

The above listed points are the basic ones that help to find immediate help whenever in crisis. Moreover, there are other types of security solutions that are helping students on campuses to ensure personal safety and send SOS alerts through innovative ways. In the next part of the blog written under the same title and the introduction, we will learn about the remaining ones on campus safety.

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