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To Be Safe While On Campus, You Can Rely On Onguardhelp APP

5 buttons for 5 different kinds of emergencies

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Contact I

Contact I, use this button for emergencies like running out of gas or needing a ride home because you missed the last bus, simply input the name and number of your best friend, family member or roommate, that you want to help you, in a minor crisis.


Contact II

Contact II, should be designated as the Campus Police contact button. In the event of a crisis on campus involving YOU or others, simply tap the button to immediately alert campus police. Users have the option to call or to send an emergency text to campus police giving them an accurate GPS location. This location constantly refreshes.


Local 911

Local 911, the big red center button can be used in ALL situations if response from campus authorities is not working or unavailable

OnGuard Talk

OnGuard Talk

OnGuard Talk, when you are off campus and in crisis, again, tap the “talk” button to get immediate response from OnGuardHelp’s crisis monitoring agents who are trained to get first responders to your GPS location, ‘when seconds count’.

OnGuard Silent

OnGuard Silent

OnGuard Silent, when you are in a situation in which you cannot talk or be seen talking into your smartphone, simply tap the “silent” button. It will alert the crisis-monitoring agent that you are in a dire emergency, most often violent or potentially violent, allowing the Agent to direct Law Enforcement to your exact GPS location without you uttering a word. This button is a true lifesaver, ‘When Seconds Count’.

Silver Plan

Silver Plan contains Contact I, Contact II and 911


Gold Plan

Gold Plan contains Contact I, Contact II, 911, OnGuard Talk & OnGuard Silent


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